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Custom Awareness Bracelets

$5.99 - Overdose Awareness Bracelet - Purple & Black Glass

$5.99 - Overdose Awareness Bracelet - Purple & Black Glass

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What are these overdose awareness bracelets for?

The year of 2021 was our most costly to date with a loss of life from overdose exceeding 107,000 Americans. We need more people to help. There's too many drugs and drug dealers and not enough awareness to the epidemic.  The government says its declining and the mainstream media does little more than ignore it. We have lost and are going to continue to lose some of our most beautiful, smart and loved people to this senseless epidemic. I am making these bracelets to help raise awareness to this epidemic.  Wearing these bracelets WILL get people to ask you about them. At that time you can tell them what they are and the losses we are taking, chances are they have no idea how bad it is. Even tell them where to get the bracelets if you want.  The important part is the word is being spread about the epidemic and the conversations are not being swept under the rug every time they're mentioned.  Get a single bracelet or get 10 of them.  Share them or wear them for a funeral or other event. They're a beautiful way to make a big and powerful impact. 

Are the Overdose Awareness Bracelets durable enough to wear daily?

I have tested these bracelets excessively and have not had a single issue. I wear them daily to my warehouse job and have never had one break. They do have a little stretch to them and that actually protects them from breaking in most circumstances


Glass Beads/Lava Beads/Nylon String/Brass/Pewter

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7.5 inch - 8mm beads

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Beautifully, Hand Crafted

Made of the most beautiful beads, these bracets will look great and make you feel great to be supporting the cause

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